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How it Works at Dundry Dog Field

Read about how to book and pay for a session or multiple sessions, how to access the dog field and how it works in general.

About Us

We are a family-run business. Located within our farm and next to The Groom Shed, Dundry Dog Field is our first venture into dog exercise/walking fields. We have been running since 2019. Tanya, the owner, was a veterinary nurse for 30 years, so understands the importance and need for a space to exercise your dog properly.

How It Works - Dog Sitting - Dundry Dog Field

How Our Field Works

You can hire Dundry Dog Field 6am until 9pm, 7 days a week, in either 30-minute or 1-hour slots. The price of your session will depend on the number of dogs you are bringing. Learn more about our pricing.

Alternatively, you can also buy 2 different types of subscription – 1 dog and multi dog. Each package includes 10 sessions of either 30 minutes or 1 hour. Read more about our subscription packages here.

When you arrive, please park your car in the designated car park and walk your dog on a lead to the paddock. If you arrive early, please wait in your car until your booked time slot begins. This is to ensure that we can maintain the privacy and exclusivity of our facility for all our customers. We appreciate your cooperation.

How It Works - Dog Running - Dundry Dog Field

Advantages Of Using Dundry Dog Field

Dundry Dog Field offers several benefits, making it an ideal place to exercise your Dog. One of the main advantages is that the field has controlled access, which means that only members or paying customers are allowed entry. This creates a more predictable and controlled environment for your dog, especially if they have specific needs.

Additionally, the field is far less crowded than public places, so you will have it to yourself, providing a quieter and more peaceful experience for you and your dog. This can be particularly helpful for dogs that are anxious or easily overwhelmed by large groups.

Finally, the facilities at Dundry Dog Field are well-maintained, including clean play areas, agility equipment, and amenities like a water station, dog poo bin, a shaded area and a shed.

Interested in trying out our dog exercise field?

Why Choose Us?

Here are just a few reasons to choose Dundry Dog Field near Bristol for your dog exercise, relaxation or training sessions.


Large Field

When you book your session at Dundry Dog Field, you will have a full acre at your disposal.



Our field is surrounded by a 1.8 metre small gauge wire fence (to prevent any great escapers!).


Ample Parking

We have parking available for all visitors to Dundry Dog Field.


Spectacular Views

Situated in rural Somerset, Dundry Dog Field offers beautiful views.



Free Parking, Poo Bin, Water Source, Shelter.


Competitive Pricing

Realistic prices with no hidden extras.